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She Has Left Deep Marks In The Field Of Hosing

“She has left deep marks in the field of hosing”
By the Mighty Bug

I try not to write when angry, but Ayesha Omer winning Album of the Year at the Lux Awards is such an atrocious decision that it screams for an instant response.

If one was being charitable, one can say she is an average vocalist with a tendency towards sounding variously hoarse or throaty. Vocally not as bad as Eye to Eye – who is so hopeless that he is entertaining – but if one was being cruel, one could possibly call her “Eye-shah Omer.” Be as it may, I cannot for a minute concede that her singing is better than Sajjad Ali who was also up for the award. I cannot for a minute concede that her lyrics are better than Sajjid and Zeeshan who were also up for the same award. Or her music is more compelling than Dynoman. Or compositionally better or musically more skilled than Usman Riaz.

So one wonders what talent of hers enabled her to win the award. She has supposedly “made deep marks in the field of acting, hosing [sic] and fashion modeling” ( Perhaps her talent lies one of those fields; it is certainly lies not in music.

Regarding, the album, I confess I had not heard it. I had heard the song Khamoshi and found it barely passable. When I saw the video (, I thought it was a song which was made in service of a video. A musician I know accurately called it “zabardasti ka gaana.”

It was so only fair that I checked out the album before writing further. I searched for it and I searched for it. All over Hall Road, Lahore. Apparently even the pirates had not bothered pirating this one: the supposed album of the year is not readily available at the place that supplies all of Lahore. After much searching I did secure a copy. The supplier complained that it hasn’t sold many units. I suspect this is one album whose posters sell more than the album itself. The artwork on the album is its best feature.

Now that I have heard the album, I can still not see any merit to it or to the award. It seems to be an album competently put together by competent musicians for a competent friend or client. There is nothing really terrible about the songs, they are just infinitely forgettable.The fact that there are only 8 songs here gives the impression that either the said musicians ran out of patience. Or the money ran out.

I cannot for the life of me see how this album can be an album of the year. Even if there was no one contesting against her, Ayesha Omer should have still lost for the award. She should have taken a clue from her album’s title track and offered up an album full of ‘Khamoshi.’ It would have been more convincing and less outrageous.

Interestingly she does not seem to have had much involvement in the album other than having sung the songs. The lyrics are so passable that no one has been credit for the same in the album sleeve. The music has been done by others.

I have always thought awards in Pakistan including the Lux awards were nothing more than reacharounds by the various awardgivers to their friends. The more intelligent ones do also at the same time give awards to some actually talented people (Sajjad Ali received a Song of the Year award), so as to give an impression of legitimacy. But Ayesha Omer’s case is the former. Ab unhon nai agar award dai hi diya hai, barra pan yeh ho ga keh wapis kar dain. Keh main iss kai kaabil nahin. Nahin nahin, actually qabil nahin.

On second thought, reacharounds can be acceptable too. But in fields that concern those reachingaround. If all the pretty people want to proceed to congratulate each other they should keep themselves limited to the pretty sides of entertainment. Music surely is not their forte and only the skilled should be awarded.

In the end, the award is also a sad reflection on the utter bankruptcy of Pakistani Music scene. All the stars have given up the ghost at least in so far as albums are concerned. Most artists just did ads (surely adwork can be nominated too now, after all this is Lux awards) or reality shows or Coke Studio. No really outstanding albums of original work came out. Out of the other four nominees for the Best Album award, any of the four would have merited the award more.

For my money, if live albums qualify, the best album of the year was not even nominated: Noori’s poorly distributed Live at the Rock Musicarium was just amazing.

The last word on this piece can possibly be given to a person who was associated to the album. In order to save him embarrassment I will not name him. When I needled him about the album’s success, he retorted: “Aah, (but) who takes the LSA seriously anyways ?”

And that is possibly cue enough for me to end this piece.
Eye-Shah Wins


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Not everyone is dumb like Imran Khan

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Not everyone is dumb like Imran Khan

I understand that artists are supposed to be sensitive. Perhaps that is why they often offer to knee-cap me when I criticize them (Far be it for me to point out that bugs don’t have knees). But what continues to boggle my mind is that the same artists, the section of our society that purports to be hypersensitive, continues to fail to address a single one of the burning political issues of the day. Not one of them rails against the status quo and national and international political injustices. Yes, admittedly, some artistes take up issues like poverty, education and health (and some even build hospitals) but then again these issues are by their nature apolitical and safe. You, have to understand Mr. Bug, that no sponsor, ever dumped an artist for wanting to educate children or improve public health or dedicating their album to Peace. This cynical may even claim that philanthropy is advisable as it increases an artiste’s marketability. Yet, not one of our artists will get up, scream down the intolerant, the truly corrupt, the war-mongerer or most particularly, our lord and master to the north of Mexico and to the south of Canada. One can not help but admit that there is so much to be outraged in the world today, yet I hear no songs of outrage. One only sees drawing-room inspired philanthropy every once in a while or our biggest band in Asia sometimes making politically correct statements. Continue reading

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Pappu laughing

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The one where the Bug takes on the Prince of Pakistan

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